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In the north-west of Bali you will find this beautiful 1, 5 km long and only 500 meter spread out island called Menjangan which belongs to the Bali Barat National park and it is one of the most protected dive sites in Bali. The National Park Office limits the number of visitors who are allowed to dive here. The dive sites belong to an underwater protected area. Fishing is forbidden and therefore we have a good chance to see also big fish. You will find here the best coral formations and reefs in Indonesia! This dive site is one of the best in the world! Australian Biologists have count here only 46 different kinds of Agropora.


We start opposite the island from the national park office in small wooden vessels. The island is only 30 minutes away from the main land.

On the island you find a bird sanctuary and the oldest temple in Bali where the Balinese Hindu people are celebrating there full-moon ceremonies. 

You can dive Menjangan any time of the year because the island is situated protected enough to provide good diving even during the rainy season. You can choose your dive side on the north or the south depending on the soft current and the direction of the wind. The visibility at Menjangan is one of the best in Bali and reaches sometimes 50 meters! It is possible to dive all around the island at more than ten different dive sites. And also if there are plenty of different dive sites around Menjangan the best area is stretch along the southeast coast of the island and from the northwest down into the channel between Menjangan and the main land. Our favourite dive place is Pos Dua and Garden Eal. At the drop off the nooks and crannies are rich.  You find huge gorgonians and beautiful little paccagnella´s. You see hundreds of angelfish, butterfly fish, anthias, gobies you will see all the different reef fish swimming here! Quite often you can see turtles here as well. If you are lucky you can find here also whale sharks and moon fish but also if you don’t see them it is one of the best dive sides in Bali !  

The National park office offers some guided walks through the rainforest of the National Park of Bali Barat.