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Amed Scuba Dive Center


Your personal travel agent with heart


            I.      Pick Up Service - from the airport or other places in Bali

        II.      Accommodation - in the area of Amed (Tulamben, Padang Bai, Kuta, Permuteran)

     III.      Car Rental      

  IV. Motor Bike Rental

     V.      Transport and Driver - to all sites around BALI       

     VI.      Trekking, ( Around Amed, Lempuyang Temple, & Mount Agung )

  VII.      Arak Production - in a traditional Balinese village

VIII.      Babysitter for your children

     IX.      Sailing, Fishing + Sun Rise Tour

        X.      Sailing Tour to Lombok

     XI.      Meditation/ Yoga

 XII.      Relaxing Massage

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If you close your eyes and relax for a moment from your stressful day and imagine yourself on a beautiful tropical Island with silky sand, crystal clear gemstone blue water.

You see secret beaches and mystic temples in the center of a tropical rainforest and amidst green rice fields. You can feel balmy breezes from the ocean and smell the flavourful and colourful scents of tropical nights. From the distance you can hear soft gamelan music.

All of these and the Hindu Religion and Ceremonies with the beautiful dressed Balinese woman preparing there offerings for there gods influence the character of this wonderful paradise Bali.

Welcome to Bali and welcome to the Amed Scuba Dive Center Travel Services! Bali is the perfect place to combine travelling with diving. Time has come to discover this heaven on earth under and over the water. We can help you and arrange trips to all this secret places, temples and mountains and show you the beauty of our beautiful little Paradise Bali.

Let us help you to organize your holidays in Bali for an unforgettable vacation

Amed Scuba offers pick up service from the airport and bring you to the places of your choice.

We can arrange accommodations in the area of Amed in the region of Karangasem (east cost of Bali) or other places in Bali. Our 16 inexpensive cottages were build with a blend of Balinese and modern style in one of the most beautiful and unspoilt areas on the island only two hours away from the airport in Denpasar. Each of them has a king-size bed and fine linens. You can choose between ocean view and wonderful garden view bungalows right on the beach or on the hill with a brilliant ocean view only a short walk away from the beach. The prices of the cottages are for the bungalow including breakfast. These bungalows are places to relax and soak up the sun and enjoy the genuine Balinese hospitality you will find here everywhere in our little village.   

Bamboo Bali

 The Bamboo Bali offers 7 different bungalows with different furnishing. You can choose Balinese styled cottages with fan and mosquito net or with air conditioning. All have a private bath and a restaurant is available. You can rent a cottage from 8 Euro until 15 Euro.


Blue Star

 The Blue Star cottage has two floors. Upstairs has relaxing areas with a double bed and a brilliant ocean view of the fishing boats and a wonderful coral garden for snorkeling directly from the beach which is only 5 meters away from your terrace. The first floor has a four posted bed with mosquito net and fan and a private outside bath. It is possible that 4 peoples can stay in the house. A restaurant which offers fresh sea food is available directly on the beach. The price for this inexpensive house is 15 Euro.



 The Balinese family of Deddy offers three inexpensive bungalows in Balinese Style with fan or air conditioning, private bath with shower or bath tube and running cold and hot water. The cottages with Balinese design are located on the hill site in a beautiful garden overlooking the beautiful bay of Amed Bunutan and it is only 3 minutes down to the beach and the wonderful coral garden of Bunutan. The price for the bungalow is from 8 Euro until 15 Euro.



 The Kusumajaya Hotel is located directly on the beach. The Balinese styled bungalows are available with fan or air conditioning, private bath, shower and running cold and hot water. You have to choose if you prefer the swimming pool or to snorkel directly in the Bali Sea in the wonderful coral garden of Bunutan. The price for a bungalow is from 15 Euro until 35 Euro.


We can help you to rent a car or a motor bike in Bali. You will need an international driving license because the police sometimes check this. We drive here in Bali on the left site and please inform yourself about the rules for driving in Bali before you drive here. But it is also possible for you to rent a car with a safe and experienced driver who will bring you to all the nice and interesting spots all around of our beautiful island Bali.

Amed Scuba organizes for you trekking and sightseeing tours around the area of Amed. We can visit the Lempuyang temple in the mountains which is one of the main temples of Bali or we can drive you to Besakih our mother temple of the Hindu People. We can climb up to the Mont Agung and visit the scenic landscape around the Agung. It is possible to visit the water palaces Ujung and Tirta Gangga, Bebanden, Bali Aga villages, Tanganan or other places around Bali. We can show you the traditional life of the Balinese people and the Arak production in a traditional Balinese village.

If you like to go fishing, sailing or you love to see the sun rising from the sea Amed Scuba offers tours with the traditional Balinese outrigger boats. The sunrise tour starts in the morning at 5.30 and if you are lucky you can see dolphins swimming around the boots in the area of Amed. We also offer a sailing tour to Lombok Island.

Balinese People love children so much! Everywhere children are more than welcome! We can organize experienced Babysitter for your children who can help you if you need to go out a little by your own or both of you decide to go diving together.

Or if you choose to take a traditional relaxing Balinese massage we can arrange this all for you in a nice spa that you can relax and enjoy your holidays as good as possible.

We can arrange one week Meditation and Yoga courses for you. But we please you to book in advance because our experienced yogi takes only maximum two clients to make everybody satisfied and to get a feeling for there charma and the necessary and helpful exercises.

I hope to see you in our wonderful Paradise Bali or should I say welcome home in Amed! Let us help you to organize your unforgettable vacation in Bali! If you need anything pleqse let us know!

Come and join Amed Scuba Dive Center!

Your Nyoman Sariana


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